….you have looked at yourself in a mirror lately right? Because you are without a doubt beautiful! /his eyes follow where your finger is pointing and he ends up going a little cross-eyed while trying to look up at the top of his head before he realizes that you’re referring to his ears; Ah— yes! Been there since birth I presume so they’re definitely mine. You can touch them if you would like..

I-I— *blinks and smiles softly* You’e saying too much, but— I guess… I guess I have. But mere glimpses, though. I haven’t stood in front of the mirror for a good, long while. *bobs her head, examining the ears a little more close up* Really really? They look warm and soft— *reaches in with her hands, running her fingers though your hair before touching both of the ears in a delicate manner*

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17/  of snsd’s favorite performances

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Jams to anime openings


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Sunny, Rio 2 Showcase + Legs appreciation

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ot9 + faceless ♡

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Oh no— not at all! /brings his hands up to wave them dismissively as he shakes his head; I didn’t mean it like that! I just find it a little hard to approach such beautiful girls sometimes /his cat ears perk up when he hears his name come from her lips then he nods with a smile; Mhm that’s right!

Beautiful…? *softly humbles down, her hands covering her emerging smile and the crescents turned upon her eyes* No no, I’m nowhere near beautiful. I state for fact, I’m always surrounded by beautiful women when I work, but my beauty never compares to them. Oddly, I find myself a little lackluster from the rest; I’m the mere mascot of the team if can I put it that way. *tilts her head, glancing at the ears emerging from the other’s head* Omo— I hate to ask, but… *points to the top of your head, leaning in closer* …Are those definitely yours? Flesh and blood and everything?

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"If you ever disappear or go away, know this: I will let all hell break loose. I will do anything it takes to get you back."

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Soonkyu’s ABC: Model

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Old era suho: lets go to build a bear.
New era suho: im fuck you so hard against this wall.

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