"The wittiest little rabbit you'll ever meet."

Lee Soonkyu
Lead Vocalist
Reigning Queen of Aegyo

Girls' Generation
"영원히 소녀시대."

Divine Nine

jackson & sunny, road trip buddies

sunny & gukjoo

Should I be tugging the heartstrings of my memories? Looking back over the notes, the letters, the words, I miss my Jilly Bean even more. I wonder how she is after these months.

Yet, she gives me an idea… Something I could initiate over the span of week or so at most, something to bring me a bit more joy in my life, and for someone else.

Let’s play a small game of hide and seek, yes? Wait for your surprise, darling. I shall pour my heart to you little by little, day by day. I’ll tell you the reasons to stay vibrant no matter what mood, why I fell for you, why I love you. But most of all, you’re precious to me— Remember that.

Cutie SoonD by Helianthus. 141020

expectation vs reality

Title: Moonlight Densetsu
Artist: 小諸鉄矢
Album: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Supers Orgel Fantasia
welcome back farmer soonkyu!

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