Lee Soonkyu; Sunny

Lead Vocalist of Girls' Generation

Aegyo Queen
Born in the City of Angels, this rabbit has been blessed on May 15, 1989, sharing my birthday with my two, older sisters. Call me Sunny if you wish. I'm the final addition of Girls' Generation before debuting in 2007, only training a few months under SM Entertainment after leaving Star World. Despite the family ties, I'm forever proving my worth as a versatile idol.
"The wittest little rabbit you will ever meet."

jade rabbit of the sun


                 [ ★ ] irene was sure that almost everybody was pretty nervous before their debut stage so it seemed like a silly question, but sunny always seemed so bright and confident that she had her doubts. however, once she heard her story, she couldn’t help but relax down once more. it couldn’t be that bad. it was a pre-recording session which meant only their fans would be there — if they already had fans of course — which meant no negative comments. that made her feel a little better. she chuckling at the other’s smile, an almost even smile coming on her face as well. “i know how to sweet talk to sunbaes.” she puts her two hands beneath her chin before giggling lightly. 

She fell into a small bit of laughter, picking out what the she had heard from Irene’s words. Her face became slightly red ironically, covering her mouth her hand as she let the giggles out of her system. “Sweet talk, huh?” She nudged the girl with her elbow. “Just like your group’s name. Sweet and delicious like the cake… Each of you being individual cupcakes with your own icing.” Her thought suddenly made sense… Well, to her, anyway. “I get it now… The reason why you girls have your own color in your hair.” She scratched her head while in attempt to think of a valid conclusion. “Like the icing to a cake, the color is to your individual image that altogether makes up Red Velvet, I believe.” She pursed her lips, a tilt to the right her head went. “Are you following me, or… Ah, I might be too vague as I explain this,” she deemed. Sunny waved her hands dismissively. “Never mind me—! My thoughts are wandering again.”



26/ times i fell in love with Soonkyu (ft. IY2 Grandma)
(because everyone falls in love with Soonkyu)


25/ times i fell in love with Soonkyu


I think I can try to handle the craziness, yes. How do I know if I passed? Would a good indicator be Sunmi running away instead of me? #sobs amigo friend do not fret #take your time ; A;

A good indicator would be receiving a blue ribbon on behalf of everyone. But if you can scare away Sunmi in the process, that would be great. *snickers with a sinister twinkle in her eyes* 



Ah, yes. I was just checking on some things. {` she looked back at the messy pile of music sheets on the coffee table then back at the other before stepping to the side } Come in! I apologize that it’s bit messy around here.

Thank you, thank you~ *shuffles her way in, brushing the sneakers on her feet on the mat before entering the female’s house* Oh… Were you in the middle of something important? *scans the interior, spotting the papers with familiar jargon settled freely on the table, retracing her steps before the other spots her* I really hope I’m not intruding, Jieun.



Mhm, it’s February so it would be a lot of skating, snowball fights, hot chocolate - it would be like a day in Club Penguin!  {‘she bounces excitedly and laughs } It would be so fun - oh, unnie, you’re sense of humour is A+.

Y’knooooow, we could always move it to Club Penguin. It’s free, and there’s nothing to clean up. *wiggles the hairs above her eye* But then again, I want food… A festival— Heck, a party isn’t a party without the food. *clicks her tongue, a smug look pinned on her face* My jokes are absolutely lame, but my wit is always one-hundred fifty percent!



                 [ ★ ] having always been a little shy, it was even more nerve wrecking just thinking about being in front of a crowd of people and performing. this is what she’s trained five years for, but she still couldn’t believe that it was happening. was this how everybody felt? “were you ever this nervous when you first debuted?” a sigh left her lips as she scratched her head. it didn’t help that they were coming from such a big company that everybody already had their attention on them whether it was in a positive or negative light. on top of that, she was also the leader. oh boy. “i’ll be thinking of you up there. hopefully that’ll make me feel less nervous.” a playful laugh left her lips that proved that some of her nervousness was slipping away.

Bobbing her head side to side, she pondered before answering. A breath hissed through her teeth, inhaling as her lips seeped an opening. Recalling her trainee days, she didn’t have much history with her current agency from the get-go. Surely, she had all the training she could get from another company, but at the time, she felt like her dream was almost denied if it weren’t for her friend stepping in with good advice. Thank God for connections, she thought. “I was actually. I only had a few months to train with the rest of the girls before stepping out on our first big stage,” she commented. Upon hearing the other, her eyes twinkled and brought out a toothy smile. “Aish, you’re making me feel flustered here! But it helps, go for it, pretty. I’m sure you can definitely give it your all on your first gig.”


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I think I might just stay in the ball pit with the rest of the members, {‘she lets out a sheepish giggle} Maybe I should have done that for my birthday, had a whole carnival for the fans? I’ll probably do that when I have more money, heh.


Oooh, perhaps? It always sounds like a sweet idea. Would it be like a winter carnival, though? You’re birthday lands during the winter months if I can recall correctly… *tilts her head with her eyes wandering into the ceiling in awe* Ahh… I can already taste the warm yummy foods ready to be settled in my tummy. Hot choco, freshly baked pastries… Sounds like it’ll be a hot hit! Get it…? Hot. Hit…? Ayeee…

{ I remember that but that was like forever ago sobs gently and clings to u }

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{ ‘she snickered softly before letting her hand drop back down to her side loosely where it belonged } Donut worry, I’m not gonna do this often if that’s how you react to it anyways. { ‘she nods with a grin } Nah I already had my share, this is yours so you should eat it alone after all. { ‘she paused for a moment before clicking her tongue } Unless you want me to stay around and watch you eat it.

*blinks, shaking her head* Sunmi, please. The food puns… But but but— *puffs her cheeks, letting her nose wrinkle* I like treats and stuff… *purses her lips as she takes out the donut of the paper sack, tearing a bite off for herself* Well— *pops the piece into her mouth, moving it her right cheek in order to continue speaking* I’m not gonna say “no”, but I’m not gonna stop you either. I think Imma just… You know. *begins to slink away in a exaggerated style of slow motion*